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Varun Ranga is a man who dons many hats. He is a fashion designer by profession and an artist surfing through his various spheres of passion.

He has had an illustrious background in the Indian design industry. He is known for his strong skills at Trend Analysis, Product Design, Illustration, Textiles and Branding. 

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Circa 2008, a chance sighting of how toxic dye stuff contributed to the plight of river Noyyal in Tamil Nadu, had a lasting impact on Varun Ranga. As a textile designer, it was not long before he realised how deep this rabbit hole was and that awareness on this subject was a critical need.

Varun Ranga has since been a juggernaut at sensitizing the apparel and textile industries of India to turn eco-friendly across its supply chain. He has been passionately advocating the immense beauty and potential of GI-centric artisan crafts to the industry and consumers alike.

Varun also observed a wide disconnect between the creatives, the impoverished rural craft sector and the busy garment manufacturing sector. He believes that bridging this gap could hold answers to some of today’s biggest global concerns. He dutifully plunged into this mission by founding Kudugudu.

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